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Paths to Better Health

Cellular Memory

There is something bright, beautiful, glorious, and intelligent about ourselves. It is pure light and truth, full of the answers you need to exist joyfully on this planet. There are simply NO imperfections.

Your Perfect Spirit

Your spirit is the truth of who you are, fully matured with a perfect knowledge, love, and having a passion for progression. We are then placed into our physical bodies with no way to share our truth and we are totally dependent upon our parents or others. We inherit our parent’s DNA and so our little bodies may not be quite so perfect and whole.

Negative Experiences

And so our earth school begins … with every negative experience we have, from the moment of conception to the present, triggering that fight or flight mechanism in our brains, sending hormones, histamines, and adrenaline flooding through our bodies hiding and waiting …

Your Story

YOUR spirit and your personality are one!
YOUR DNA is your assignment!
YOUR first eight years … you are learning patterns and belief systems.
EIGHT years through TEEN years … you are beginning to have awareness of choices and accountability. FROM THEN ON we become responsible for ALL the choices we make. Once we recognize the negative patterns, we can break them and allow Christ’s light and purpose in to expand, radiating the truth and glory that was ours from the beginning. Our life is a journey and the amazing experience of expansion called growth, life, enlightenment, joy, or God, IS IN YOU!

Tools For Health

This illustrates all illnesses, diseases, and negative patterns, which is called cellular memory. These tools will allow you to remove negative energy which is destroying your body, your families and your health.

Paths to better health

What if the concept of how you see your health challenges could be simplified into three statements?
1. Health is what you allow in your mind and directs your intent.
2. Health is the nourishment that you put into your body when eating.
3. Health is what you allow to stay in your heart.

The Earth 2 Heaven concept ( Mind/Body ) connection is how these 3 concepts are interrelated. Herein are the tools to personal health freedom. As you process in one area (Mental, Physical, Emotional, or Spiritual ) the other areas will also be affected. You will see a slow steady increase in well-being because the body knows how to regenerate.

Releasing Cellular Memory heals the past! Instead of sweeping it under the rug, cellular memory is your passport to total health. Pulling the past cellular memory out of the body enhances your future. I believe this past negative memory is the tool we can use to heal. You have all the answers and they will come from within you as you follow this personal journey. New thoughts of self awareness come to your mind as you commit yourself to these principle.

A healing crisis will happen anytime we make a conscious choice to improve our thoughts, environment, emotions or health. During your walk with Earth 2 Heaven, a healing crisis could take place on a hike or a talk with a friend. These shifts are nothing more then emotions being triggered or brought to the surface and may feel like anger, fear, etc. These emotions are your tools when you use this website for support. Your body will release suppressed emotions

Using the Breath of life as a trigger and taking a series of slow deep breaths while feeling peace and acceptance of life’s lessons, you are making your body obedient to the mind. One cellular memory at a time the physical body will be transformed. You’ll be at new levels of health and mental clarity!

EXAMPLE: I was building an apartment that had a deadline. I was 8 months pregnant and exhausted. My mind was screaming “This needs to be done!”, There is just not enough time. The texturing needs to be done, NOW!” Then I allowed my mind to see outside of the demands of my mind. Then it dawned on me “THIS IS MY MOTHERS” belief. My mother had 10 children, no wonder she felt that she didn’t have time for anything. Well, I had time and I was going to claim it. I then, laid down on the floor and took a 15 second minute power nap. I then got up and finished the job. Yes, children do take on the beliefs of their parents and other role models.

Our Planetary Puzzle!
Where Do I Fit In?

This website was created to introduce you to new levels of joy and purposeful living by tapping into a sure knowledge of who you are and opening your eyes to your divine nature. This process is the foundation of understanding your life utilizing the tools here to create new paradigms of awareness or shifts from pain and anger. You will find helpful tips that will help you find purpose in your unique individuality. Each person holds their own link to the evolutionary process of our planet. As our health improves and we make consistent positive choices, our vision expands allowing us to see where we fit into the grand design. The more we commit to honoring our bodies, the more evident these keys become thus seeing our true purpose. Over 125 teen suicides are recorded daily in the United States. If we knew our true identity, a spark of hope would ignite within us. Suicides would become obsolete. I have seen it happen and I have experienced it through supporting others. Hope ignites a fire within our minds that cannot be ignored or suppressed and joy is the result. We each hold a piece of the puzzle that will bring us unity and stress-free living. I live by these principles and freely share them and you too can make health and wellness a simple part of your life.

How the mind/body connection works

As you use this website to understand the process of how the body heals, you will discover the simplicity of the mind/body connection. If you were to change your diet, the mind becomes clearer. If you were to implement any positive lifestyle changes your body will respond favorably. If you were to use positive music, meditation or mental process, your body will respond. All these experiences effect how effectively you can think. Your body will also respond with higher levels of health. Your emotions become less reactive and more confident. And the icing on the cake is; your feeling of self worth and will being become more evident.
When you work in any of the four areas; Mental, Physical, Emotional, or Spiritual it it will effect the others. Notice the overlap in the circles below. You cannot change one without affecting the others.

Below you will find information that is given freely to support you on your journey. Pick a category that you want to work on. If you would like additional support from you may take an individualized class.

When your body gets what it needs the most, you’ll get the greatest results. These changes will be permanent. When your physical body is nourished it increases mental and emotional well being. Understanding that your body heals itself is vital during your personal Earth 2 Heaven experience. You will feel happiness along with energy and mental clarity.

Your first step is to choose a category from which you would like to work:

Thank you Arlene, you are a wonderful healer and a loving nurturer. I appreciate all of your recommendations on being healthier and happier. May you continue to shine! Blessings

Jessica July 3, 2020

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