Consider these 3 things if you want to be healthy!

  1. What you put in your mind.
  2. What you put in your mouth.
  3. What you allow to stay in your heart.

What you put in your Mind

How you think about yourself and others is crucial to your health. If you say or think anything negative about yourself or others; these negative judgments will run through your mind and leave little electrical hammers, also known as neuro-connectors, literally beating yourself up. Allowing this kind of thinking is like drinking poison and hoping that it kills the other person. In one month you can change these damaging hammers in your brain.

For example, one of my clients, a man we’ll call Joel, came to my office for a reflexology treatment. After his treatment, I printed 7 very short positive sentences, gave him 4 copies and said; put one in your truck, one in your kitchen, one in your bedroom and one in your bathroom and read it a hundred times a day. Two weeks later, Joel came back and said: “The doctors took me off half of my medications.” I looked him right in the eyes and said, “And that’s not because I rubbed your feet! You did your homework.” Yes, reflexology has physical benefits, but I promise that your brain can and will make physical changes just as quick and in most cases quicker. Just give it a try, the joy inside you will increase.

Create your own mental program or use the one that I created for myself and have given to hundreds of others. By speaking these words out loud or quietly in your mind, this simple formula WILL transform you. Your heart and body receive all the benefits of this simple exercise. POWER is an organized effort. Train your brain to recognize self-worth, self-acceptance, gratitude, and health. For further support watch the class on “Depression Undone”

Read the full 7 sentences the first time to set the full concept in the conscious mind then all day long for one month read just the blue sentences. You may copy or write them for your convenience.

  1. I. (This one letter identifies YOU as a beautiful spirit being.)
  2. I AM. (This identifies YOU in a physical body.)
  3. I AM A CHILD. (This indicates our process of learning never ends.)
  4. I AM A CHILD OF A GOD. (This identifies YOU as divinity.) Every person that I have ever worked with has an absolute knowledge of their own divinity and a knowing that there is something good about themselves.
  5. I AM A CHILD OF A GOD THAT KNOWS ME AS AN INDIVIDUAL. (This identifies you as a unique individual, unlike any other person on earth.)
  6. I AM A CHILD OF A GOD THAT LOVES ME UNCONDITIONALLY. (Every one of us is loved. No matter what we’ve done, what religion or culture we come from, we can learn to draw on this magnificent power and feel it in our body.)
  7. I AM A CHILD OF A GOD THAT HAS A UNIQUE PLAN JUST FOR ME. (We each had the opportunity to create a life plan for our earth experience. I am remembering the truth of who I am!)

With help from this website, your consistent choices and divine intervention you will remember the truth of who YOU are, one step at a time.

What you put in your Mouth

Using small and simple changes to improve the health of your body by the food you eat can regenerate the organs and balance the blood. The extra energy from good nutritional choices gives you energy for your day, plus the body begins to regenerate or reverse disease, allowing the body to then cleanse through natural processes. But you must know what will make that happen. The E-Z nutrition class will make it quickly understandable and easy. Only you know whether it is worth it or not! I’m here to share my passion with you
and saying yes it is so worth it! And I know that it is based on God’s love for you. As you honor your body, God honors you. This gift you give yourself is energy by choice!

Advantages of Good Nutrition

  1. You will be happier for longer periods of time.
  2. Your mind will be clearer and easier to focus.
  3. Your organs will function better and more efficiently.
  4. You will have increased stamina.
  5. You will find yourself saying, “I feel less agitated.”

The class on E-Z nutrition will blow your socks off with the simplicity of time-saving effective eating habits that take little effort for the value. Fad diets are not likely to have long-term positive effects.

What you Allow to Stay in your Heart

Forgiveness is very seldom a tool that people think of to regain their health. Here we must route your mind to a phrase called, “Cellular Memory Release”. It is the key to change any painful or disturbing situation in the body to wholeness. This is a tool to melt the triggers in your body that cause stress. When troubles are ignored they don’t go away and will eventually turn to disease. For clarification read the following article on cellular memory and then go to the class on Tools for Regeneration.

CELLULAR MEMORY is a negative by-product of experiences in your life. When we have startling news, an accident, injury, or any mental, physical, or emotional challenge, the mind signals danger. This impulse
of electrical energy surges through the body and sticks in the myofascial tissue. The muscles, heart, all major organs, and all physical tissue of the body become riddled with electrically charged hormones, histamines, and adrenaline. And no, it doesn’t go away by itself unless you know just one secret, Cellular Memory Release.

These chemicals trapped in your body are a constant irritation to the tissue and have disabling effects on all bodily functions. My objective is to help you identify these stress areas that are specific to your body and mind. For further information on this subject watch the video on Cellular Memory Release.