I had four clients die in the early 80’s. I watched them choose it! “Why!?!” I screamed as I fell on my knees. I had watched as four very special people chose to leave this planet and I needed answers. It was clear and simple: You allow them their agency. The freedom to choose is a gift from God. Choosing is why we as Americans have a special day to celebrate this gift to honor the country we live in and the soldiers that gave their very lives for what we enjoy as the FREEDOM to choose.

Will you choose life with this gift, to look outside your known reality and make a choice that exalts you to higher levels of health and wellness? Is choice the only concept that is keeping you from a stronger, healthier body? There are only two choices.

Hope + Organized Effort = The Power to Choose

This power to choose gives you the edge to making great and positive changes. As we submit to one power, which is God. And God communicates to you through the promptings of the Holy Spirit. This is why we are here on this planet, to learn this process of hearing. So as you browse this website with an open mind, I know you will be directed to whatever it is that you need. The following story will support a part of your soul that knows there are better things on the horizon for you!

Cries for “The Silent Language”

He squirmed as if anxious to get off my lap. I had just spent the last 15 minutes with this nine-month-old boy with a gentle touch. Neither one of us had met before this time. My friend was visiting with his mother, deep in conversation, leaving myself and her baby boy to having my first profound experience with the “silent language”.

He was an average child struggling to stand holding on to the edge of the couch as he toddled along, he was weary with exhaustion and a half cry, too tired to make a real attempt. As I picked him up, knowing the average attention span of babies I gently stroked his head and held a few pressure points to balance his emotions. To my amazement, he was sitting very still so I continued. I took off his shoes and socks and massaged his little feet still with his full attention and acceptance. About 15 minutes had passed when he wiggled as if he wanted down. He seemed content and I felt satisfied to let him go. Having enjoyed the sweet innocence of a child, to my complete astonishment he did not get down but instead, knelt on my lap facing me, he placed a tiny hand on each side of my face and with a language as loud as thunder that little boy looked me right in the eyes and spoke to my heart in the simplest most profound silent language I have ever heard. “Thank you,” he said, then gently kissed me on both cheeks and helped himself down off my lap to play. Tears formed in my eyes as reality brought me back to the room, my friends, and a new language to learn.

We all seek to be heard. We need to be understood and accepted on a much deeper level. Whether a cry shows itself as green hair, materialism or illness, we are all crying for the silent language, to be touched and heard!

– Arlene Brumble, 1979