You Are Wired…

Like a circuit board or an electrical panel in your house carrying electricity to every room and to each outlet. You have access to power! Your body is no different. Your spirit is the electrical system for your body. You can access this power in many different ways. We will talk more about these things during a personal session.

First Map: The Spine

Your body is a record of your life experiences. Maps on the body indicate where you store negative cellular memory. The most common map is that of the spine. Yes, your central nervous system carries the life force energy to every part of your body called Cranial Sacral Fluid. Every vertebrae connected to the spine governs nerves that go to different areas of the body. So, Where does your back hurt?

On this website, I will tell you where and how to find information that supports the body. Example: If your doctor said that your back pain is in 7-T, google a map of the spine, you will find that the seventh Thoracic vertebra goes to the Pancreas. When my daughter had a back pain here, I gave her an herb for the pancreas. She began “craving” the herb and used it for a couple of months. Then the back pain went away. She felt much empowered by knowing that she, a 12-year old girl, had control of her body and health. She stopped eating sugar and became a beautiful model. Her eye doctor had blamed me for the macular degeneration in her eyes. Guess what! SHE healed that as well. A year later the doctor indicated that the degeneration had completely stopped.

Second Map: The Feet

Coming from the orient, Foot Reflexology is one of the oldest treatments known to man. It is over three thousand years old! There are many books written on this subject with maps to indicate where all the areas of the body are. If you took a picture of the torso and put it on the bottom of both feet, it would be an identical match. A reflexologist knows the areas of the feet that correlate to the body and can help you and your family. Get started and enjoy the benefits! A class in your local area can be very beneficial or you can do the class I offer on this site.

Third Map: The Eyes

Your eyes are a map as well. Look in the mirror; do your eyes have tiny black spots, brown spots in the colored part of your eye? Are there white spots around the circumference of the iris, the colored area? Maybe you see a separation of fibers in the in the colored area. Maybe you see stress rings that look live waves or a wrinkle in the iris. Is there a yellowish color around the pupil? All of these things mean that there is a specific challenge in your body.

It is an eye opening experience to have a picture taken of your eyes. Seeing the different challenges that lie within the body through your eyes is interesting. Please don’t get paranoid. Again, a local Iridologist can clarify things for you. Or you can study on line Maps of the eyes and what different things mean. All illness and disease will show up in the spine, feet and eyes before they need attention from a doctor.

Fourth Map: The Tongue

The tongue is a quick reference. Seeing a map on – line will give you hints of different challenges. If it is coated with a white filmy substance or maybe you see enlarged bumps on the back of the tongue or ridges on the edges of the tongue where they press against the teeth. There are several more maps and energy connections but these are the most common. All of these maps are valuable to your personal health and wellness journey. There are simple answers and you can and will experience change in your body within 24 hours.

I will not diagnose nor will I prescribe. I only want to share with you the simplest things that I have learned that work the best and quickest. A scripture says: “…They would not believe because of the simplicity of the way…”