Thin Thighs in 30 Days: (Pamphlet) These are great exercise for quick firm legs.

Pete Egoscue: (Book and DVD) The book is a great reference for specific pain. With great detail and pictures all done in alphabetical easy reference. This book includes great examples of successful experiences. The 2 DVDs are routines, one beginning level one and an advanced level. Pete Egoscue’s material is worth it’s weight in gold it is like having your own personal Chiropractor. This is the best information you can find on structural support.

Re-bounder — Mini Trampoline: This can be used as a cardio exerciser, but it was created for the use of supporting the Lymphatic system. This really is an amazing tool to activate the lymph system for detoxification of the muscles. 

Walking: This is a great place to start as there is no cost involved and you can monitor your heartbeat and breathing at the same time.

Pilates: These exercises are phenomenal for muscle toning all the muscles.