Heart pounding, fast moving and laborious! What do you think about exercise? Is exercise what you should be doing? When you’re in pain, do you really want to go trotting up a mountain or down the street?

If you are in pain, consider this: If the tire on your car is flat, how long will your car continue to move forward, and how much stress and damage happens to the rest of the car if it is ignored?

I believe that giving credit to people that have achieved brilliance in their field and have paved the way for others. They deserve the recognition for making life easier for others. Pete Egoscue is one of those that I consider top in his field. His study of muscles, bones, and their attachments, origins and action, surpasses anything I have ever found. His Book, PAIN FREE is an easy reference book. The book is in alphabetical order and any pain that is structurally induced can be identified, relieved and treated. This includes eliminating inflammation, distressed joints, back trauma and surgeries. Just look up the body part that is affected and presented are stretches that are simple and precise, with pictures and detailed instructions. He does have DVDs if you want to do a basic routine. There are Level one and Level two routines. Or if you’re lucky enough to live close to on of his clinics, there are trained individuals that will create a routine especially for your individual structural needs.

Many people have had dramatic results by doing the basic structural stretches. My daughter for example was going to her chiropractor 4-5 times a week. She started doing the stretches faithfully. We were talking on the phone a year later and I mentioned her back. She hesitated and then said, “Oh! If it ever bothers me I just do the stretches and it goes away.” You don’t have to be in pain! Find the exercises that work for you.