About Us

My Name is Arlene Brumble. I started Earth 2 heaven 30 years ago because I was born with a serious medical issue. Growing up I was sickly and knew that I needed to do something if I were to have a happy life. Earth 2 Heaven grew out of that need.

Over the years I learned many secrets of how the body works and how to alter my health. As I grew older, experience and education defined the way I viewed my health and the world.

Listed below are some of the things I have done:

– Licensed Massage Therapist (Utah & Oregon)
– National Certification of Therapeutic Body workers and massage Therapists.
– Cranial Sacral Therapist
– Emergency Medical Training
– Reflexology
– Positive Control Systems
– Personality Enhancement Development

I have enjoyed my journey thru life with both it’s ups and downs. I hope my experiences might help you. The name Earth 2 Heaven came into beign because of Teri’s story below.

Teri’s Story – The Origin of Earth 2 Heaven

Teri was born August 27th, 1984. Three days after her birth she made some little crying sounds. It startled her. She began to cry louder. Then her cry was full blown panic.. I picked up the tiny little package and held her inches in front of my face and said, quietly the tender words that pounded in my heart, “You know I love you”. Immediately she stopped crying. I know that she could understand the deep feelings of love that I felt for her.

I asked her once when she was 3 years old, “How much does mommy love you?” She looked at me as if I didn’t have all my marbles in one bucket. Then she said, “Uh, Earth 2 Heaven”. A week later I asked her the same question. She seemed pretty disgusted that I still didn’t get it. Then she replied, “Up and Down, Back and forth and all the way around”. A couple of weeks later I gave her a piece of construction paper and marker. I said, “Terri, would you draw a picture of how much mommy loves you?” She sat at the table and drew this treasured picture.

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