Classes from the comforts of your home

Wellness for You and Your Family

The following classes are specifically designed to give you the edge of do it yourself health and body care, the easy way. The more you know about YOUR body the safer you will feel when you need to make educated choices. These classes are not meant to replace any medical attention that you may need at any time, and are for education only, not to diagnose or treat any medical condition.

These powerful tools give you the energy and wisdom to enhance your personal wellness journey.

Structural Alignment – Pain Free

The Breath Of Life – Stress Free

Simple Nutrition – Disease Free

A new beginning!
Taking responsibility for your health – Each new success adds strength & courage
Suggested donation for a class: $20.00

Every Teen a Winner

Feeling fulfilled is finding and understanding your true purpose. Living passionately in everyday life with a hidden agenda for greatness is why you are on this earth. What is that agenda? Only you know and this class will open your awareness to the truth of your destiny. Where there is hope, there is greatness. A step-by-step process discovering your personalized plan and putting it into action. Are you wanting “YOU” to happen?

Ideal Weight - Permanent Change

Weight is only a mask that you wear, covering the joyful truth of who you are and becoming the new you. Deep inside you know there is a way out! By using the tools of ORGANIC TECHNOLOGY discovered by Earth 2 Heaven, you will be surprised at the “facts of your fat.” You will discover that the joy of life and seeing with clear perception is your ticket to IDEAL WEIGHT MANAGEMENT. You will have results, permanently!

Depression Undone

The Endocrine System naturally produces chemicals in the brain that give you that wonderful feeling of well-being. Learn three magic tools to gain control of how you think and feel. When the body begins to slide into a diseased state this wonderful feeling of well-being begins to disappear. As soon as the body receives that ONE thing it needs most, this feeling of well-being is the FIRST feeling that comes back.

The Way of the Healing Warrior

Are you “worried sick” about a loved one? So many times we put limits on what we CAN do for others. We just write it off and figure that problems will eventually evaporate. This is just not true. This process is to help you develop a spiritual sensitivity and enable you to lighten the load of self and loved ones, even your adult children that get overwhelmed with life. Make a real difference in others lives. Power is organized effort. Learn the spiritual technology that is our divine right. This universe is governed by spiritual law and is available to all.

Finding Passion in Life

What are YOU good at? What fits YOUR personality? When we are driven by passion, we are passionate about life. When we are passionate about life, we are fulfilling our purpose and finding joy in our personal lives, our families, our community, our nation, and our world. We are never too old or too young to know and feel our purpose. I have had clients in their 80’s & 90’s set and achieve goals. It’s never too late. This class is a delightful experience to find your purpose and passion at any age.


Learn the ancient art of Reflexology. This class is Interactive, fun and educational. Learn the benefits of working on yourself and your family. Have a partner available so you can learn as you watch. Reflexology is the practice of applying pressure to the feet and or hands utilizing specific thumb, finger and hand techniques. Different zones of the feet affect different organs and parts of the body. Work on a friend while you watch the presentation.

E-Z Nutrition

Learn how to heal your body through food. Making nutrition simple is important. Learn how to make nutrition simple and fun. This class will cover Healthy Recipes; Nature’s Fast Food; Green Smoothies; Food Grading Quiz and more!

Whisper Warrior

This class is meant to give you new understanding, opening up the ability to develop spiritual gifts. Everyone has an intuitive nature. I believe it is our responsibility to discover this power within to better serve, enlighten and evolve our families, communities and our world. Have you ever watched someone talk with real passion from their heart? It is a joy to see and even better to experience.

Parents - Heal Your Families

Some of the most phenomenal concepts of healing come from a parent’s heart. With some learned techniques, real experiences and faith, you will reach a new understanding of how the body heals and seeks for a constant state of balance. Parents have a natural intuition of how to heal their children. Understanding these tools can bring a new level of peace into your home.

The Power of Being at One

Alignment with your higher self means you are experiencing peace in your body. We will answer the question, “What it means to be present.” This is an amazing discovery of finding truth within self, answers that come to you from your higher self to solve any personal mysteries and challenges. This is the beginning of manifesting wellness for yourself and others. Linking the connection between Earth and Heaven and knowing the wellness reality.
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