Depression Undone

Personal Class – Depression Undone

“The Essence of You is Always in Charge!”

Time & Date: Appointed by Client

Location: Skype / V-See / Phone

Duration: One-Hour Class

Price: $20.00

The Endocrine System naturally produces chemicals in the brain that give you that wonderful feeling of well-being. Learn three magic tools to gain control of how you think & feel. When the body begins to slide into a diseased state, this wonderful feeling of well-being begins to disappear. As soon as the body receives that ONE thing, it needs most, this feeling of well-being is the FIRST feeling that comes back. Some people forget how good it feels to be well, so be alert – you may just find yourself feeling sudden bursts of peaceful joy with 3 simple stepping stones. Each step taking you to higher levels of well-being. You will also see how this has a positive effect on your health and energy.

I am not a doctor! Please Keep in mind that your spirit – the essence of you, is always in charge!

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