Journaling Technique

Using this journaling technique enables you to establish a relationship with your body for further healing. After reading the article on Cellular Memory, this gives you a basis on how the mind can control the body and enhance its ability to heal itself. This is important for two reasons. 1. Recognizing symptoms and problem areas in your body and life. 2. To know in your own mind what is best for you in making decisions about health emotional upsets. The channel of communication is clearer from your mind to your body as you will be using more of the brain in this exercise.


Your body has signals that tell you what is out of balance. Learning to recognize this is vital to your health and that wonderful feeling of well-being. Some symptoms, like PAIN is obvious. Some little aches and pains go unnoticed because they are minor and society has taught us to, just take an aspirin or before you reach the point of needing medical attention, this technique can help.

Understanding the article you’ve read on Cellular Memory, you will learn that all your past experiences are recorded in the living tissue of your body even if you have missing limbs. Negative stored memory in your cells is what causes you to feel pain. It is the electrical impulse triggered from your brain during traumatic experiences.


Try this experiment: Close your eyes and think of the worst thing that has ever happened to you. Does this experience bring up uncomfortable feelings? Think of all the details, think of the people involved and what year it was and what was you wearing. Do you feel any discomfort in your body? Below are pictures, see if you can find one that matches what you were feeling at the time of the experience. The most important question now is: Where do you feel it in your body?

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