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Wellness for You and Your Family

The following classes are specifically designed to give you the edge of do it yourself health and body care, the easy way. The more you know about YOUR body the safer you will feel when you need to make educated choices. These classes are not meant to replace any medical attention that you may need at any time, and are for education only, not to diagnose or treat any medical condition.

Every Teen a Winner

Feeling fulfilled is finding and understanding your true purpose. Living passionately in everyday life with a hidden agenda for greatness is why you are on this earth. What is that agenda? Only you know and this class will open your awareness to the truth of your destiny. Where there is hope, there is greatness. A step-by-step process discovering your personalized plan and putting it into action. Are you wanting “YOU” to happen?

Depression Undone

The Endocrine System naturally produces chemicals in the brain that give you that wonderful feeling of well-being. Learn three magic tools to gain control of how you think and feel. When the body begins to slide into a diseased state this wonderful feeling of well-being begins to disappear. As soon as the body receives that ONE thing it needs most, this feeling of well-being is the FIRST feeling that comes back.

Finding Passion in Life

What are YOU good at? What fits YOUR personality? When we are driven by passion, we are passionate about life. When we are passionate about life, we are fulfilling our purpose and finding joy in our personal lives, our families, our community, our nation, and our world. We are never too old or too young to know and feel our purpose. I have had clients in their 80’s & 90’s set and achieve goals. It’s never too late. This class is a delightful experience to find your purpose and passion at any age.

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