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We are all sick of the quick sales job. Answer your own questions about YOUR health.
What are 3 things that really bug me about my health?


Cellular Protection Wristband

Green, Red, or Black – $200.00

Quantum 3 bands are high-performance, silicone wristbands that provide around-the-clock cellular protection against the negative effects of WiFi, cell phones and electromagnetic frequencies.


Nutrient-Dense Foods

& other SUNRIDER products

Regenerative Formulas for the 5 Organ Systems of the body. Producing a feeling of BALANCE & WELL-BEING.

If you are interested in phone support, I give up to 15 minute free phone consultation with any nutritional products that you see on my site.

I have known Arlene Brumble for over 12 years. I had the opportunity to experience her therapy services only recently. She worked on my backbone, Reflexology, and few advanced massages. The healing effect was so obvious and pronounced. I felt renewed, refreshed, and peaceful. I become aware of body-mind-soul aspects which I did not pay attention to previously. Overall I had a very healthy experience with Arlene’s methods, and I continue to consult with her from time to time. I highly recommend everybody to check out Arlene’s healing experiences.

Abraham V July 3, 2020