Tip & Tricks to heal your family

Personal Class -Tip & Tricks to heal your family

“Power is Organized Effort”

Time & Date: Appointed by Client
Location: Skype / V-See / Phone
Duration: One hour Classes up to a Week Apart
Price: $20.00

This class is specifically designed to “meet your needs where you’re at.” Nothing will be over your head or under your skill level. This is truly a class to help you discover your true passion and integrating it into a skill that gives you purpose and direction in your academic and/or career life.

To feel fulfilled, you must find your true purpose. Everyone has a hidden agenda for greatness. This class will support the truth of your destiny, at any age, with a step-by-step individualized program and putting it into action.

This class is separated into two different segments:
Class 1: Discovering your greatness
Class 2: Direction with purpose

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