What is a DNA Genealogy Script?

A DNA Genealogy Script is a description of YOUR DIVINE RECORDED KNOWLEDGE or purpose for your life on this earth, including your gifts and talents. Your greatest purpose would most likely be your greatest passion.

Having done hundreds of DNA Genealogy Scripts has revealed to me the value of why this information is important for you.

1. Scripts can identify the truth of your personal spiritual DNA. What is your main purpose on this planet beyond what your physical DNA is.

2.What concepts your spirit is wanting you to look at.


4. What the world expects from you so you can link your purpose to the whole planetary picture and where you fit in.

5. What path you should be considering to bring you your greatest joy.

6. Scripts provide vital information that needs to be brought to your conscious mind so you can see it and progress through it. This information does change as you adjust.

7. Identifying your personal gifts and talents.

Over 125 teen suicides are recorded daily. If we really knew our true identity a spark of hope would ignite within us. I have seen it! A hope ignites a fire within our mind that cannot be ignored or suppressed. Joy is the result and we each hold a piece of the puzzle that will bring unity, integrity and purposeful healing to the people of this world and the planet. EVERY PERSON HOLDS AN INVALUABLE PIECE TO OUR PLANETARY PUZZLE.

If blocks or stagnate energy appears – These I will describe to you to acknowledge and erase, breaking any genetic ties. Thus, opening your view to see the truth of your divine self!

When a name is submitted whether it is your own or the name of a child, spouse, sibling or someone that you would like to receive the benefit of knowing how to see the true nature of their spiritual purpose on this earth, a script is written and email to the person that submitted it. A copy can be sent in the mail upon request.

This is simply done by prayer and spiritual communication. I am not a psychic and this is not a “psychic reading”. It is done by asking permission through prayer and communicating to the person’s name that was submitted.

There are universal laws that play into this and if you or the person’s name that you submit is a very private person; I will see them walk away. I honor that and their freedom to choose to communicate.

The purpose of a Genealogy Script is to establish hope within an individual. It also helps them recognize that they have value and they add purpose to Gods design and plan. Knowing that another person can see the truth of who you really are gives a feeling of clarification of purpose.

Having the gift to see the real purpose of an individual on this earth brings me much joy. This process is helping family’s remove disruptive patterns and challenges from heart breaking situations enhancing individual lives to attain healthier and happier family lives.

Order a Genealogy Script

To complete the process of obtaining a script, I will need the submitter’s name and email, the full name of the person who’s script is to be done, and a payment of $65.00 submitted through the PayPal link on this page. The Genealogy script will be sent to the submitter’s email as a word document within 1 week of payment. To submit a request for a genealogy script, please fill out the form on this page along with submitting your payment. If you have any questions about this process, please feel free to Contact us.

For Genealogy Scripts, fill out the form then proceed to payment page.

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