What is Cellular Memory?

Cellular Memory

There is something bright, beautiful, glorious, and intelligent about ourselves. It is pure light and truth, full of the answers you need to exist joyfully on this planet. There are simply NO imperfections.

Your Perfect Spirit

Your spirit is the truth of who you are, fully matured with a perfect knowledge, love, and having a passion for progression. We are then placed into our physical bodies with no way to share our truth and we are totally dependent upon our parents or others. We inherit our parent’s DNA and so our little bodies may not be quite so perfect and whole.

Negative Experiences

And so our earth school begins … with every negative experience we have, from the moment of conception to the present, triggering that fight or flight mechanism in our brains, sending hormones, histamines, and adrenaline flooding through our bodies hiding and waiting …

Your Story

YOUR spirit and your personality are one!
YOUR DNA is your assignment!
YOUR first eight years … you are learning patterns and belief systems.
EIGHT years through TEEN years … you are beginning to have awareness of choices and accountability. FROM THEN ON we become responsible for ALL the choices we make. Once we recognize the negative patterns, we can break them and allow Christ’s light and purpose in to expand, radiating the truth and glory that was ours from the beginning. Our life is a journey and the amazing experience of expansion called growth, life, enlightenment, joy, or God, IS IN YOU!

Tools For Health

This illustrates all illnesses, diseases, and negative patterns, which is called cellular memory. These tools will allow you to remove negative energy which is destroying your body, your families and your health.
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